City Staff Get Behind Dog Park

I've got good news!  Several TakomaDogs members recently had an encouraging meeting with the Takoma Park City Manager, Deputy City Manager, and Emily, the staff contact. The City staff now seem solidly behind the dog park!
City Staff's preferred site is part of our Takoma Piney Branch Park parking-lot site. As you may recall, we discovered multiple owners of the property, including County parks, the City, and the school board. For these reasons, the site had dropped in our priority list. The City believes, however, that it can build the park exclusively on its portion of the property, which is an extension of Heffner Park.
While the City portion of the property has some steep slopes and may require a bit more engineering, City staff believe this site is feasible for dog park construction.  While the site is a bit smaller than originally planned, the City Manager believes that we could pursue a second phase expansion that might include County property. We would, therefore, have a smaller park initially, followed by an expansion.
While I don't think we should give up on our other potential sites, I do believe we should focus our efforts on this site for the time being, particularly since the City Manager seems solidly behind this location.