Dog Park Site Walk

The TakomaDogs dog park effort is moving along. The City of Takoma Park set up a site-walk for the TakomaDogs top preferred site and second choice site. According to the City staff contact, the County staff members favor our second choice as their preferred Takoma Park dog park location. 

As noted in the TakomaDogs Council presentation, the second choice potentially has more site preparation costs than does our preferred site. Nonetheless, if the City and County prefer the site and are willing to fund the potential extra costs, we of course support that site. Our ultimate goal is to choose the site that can move to completion most quickly.

Ultimately TakomaDogs proposes three dog parks in different locations across the City to minimize the risk of overuse of any one site, and to minimize potential traffic impacts. If the parks are close, less people need to drive.

Anyone with a candidate site should contact TakomaDogs. The site-walk is currently scheduled for August 14 at 10:30 a.m.