City Council to Discuss Dog Park

We just found out that the City Council is to discuss the dog park at this Monday's City Council meeting.  According to the  staff update provided to Council, City staff believe that most of TakomaDogs' suggested locations have problems and are deciding not to pursue them. The one location they are pursuing has, unfortunately, the highest development cost.

Our concern, of course, is that if the City disregards the low-cost locations and instead pursues the most expensive location, when the development costs of that location are estimated, it will stop the dog park effort in its tracks.  This is a similar approach that was used to kill the dog park effort that last time it was presented to City Council a number of years ago.  The then City Manager presented it in such a way that the plan seemed unworkable.   We do not want this to happen again.

Our concern is bolstered by the fact that no one on City staff notified TakomaDogs that the item would be on the agenda. 

We encourage you to write your Council member and urge her or him to support creation of a dog park at the Takoma-Piney Branch Park Terrace location. The Terrace was our top choice, has the best shade for dogs, and has the lowest development costs of any location.  Council contact information is below: