Tell City Council to Budget Sufficient Money to Open Dog Park

The City Manager will present status and preliminary cost information about the proposed Takoma Park dog park on Monday, November 24, to the City Council. Please come to the meeting and support the dog park. Tell the City Council to budget sufficient funds to build both the low activity/small dog and high activity/large dog sections of the dog park by springtime.  Public comments start at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Center, 7500 Maple Avenue in Takoma Park

Comments can be as short as you want. Your presence and comments are extremely important, however, no matter how short.  Please consider making any of the following points:

  • Opening only part of the dog park will cause the park to be immediately overused, cause maintenance problems, and cause the park to fail
  • Please open the entire proposed park to accommodate TP's over 4,250 dogs
  • The dog park is an important community resource that all can use
  • There are zero parks for humans and their pets in Takoma Park
  • Recent renovation of the small kids park at Boyd and Jackson cost $209,430
  • TP pet owners contribute approximately $2,898,500 annually in economic benefits to T.P. area

The City Manager will likely discuss the possibility of building only a small portion of the dog park now, with a promise of the full dog park at a later date. If that proposal were adopted, the entire City of Takoma Park would be using only 4200 square feet — that's less than 1 square foot per TP dog! It's also an area of only about 65 feet by 65 feet! Should this small park be built, it will result in immediate overuse due to immense overcrowding.

Take action now and write the City Council using our Take Action page.

And please, remember to come to Monday's City Council meeting and testify that you support building the entire dog park this spring.