Action Alert: Email Council to Support Budget Amendment

Last week Takoma Park Ward 2 Council Member Tim Male proposed additional funding in the upcoming City budget for dog park construction. Without this additional funding, the dog park will not be able to be opened in 2015.  

Please email the Mayor and City Council Members before Monday's Council meeting (April 28, 7 p.m.) and ask them to support Council Member Male's proposal for additional dog park funding.  Below is a sample email that you can send, as well as Council email addresses:

Dear City Council Member,

It's important that Takoma Park open the dog park early in the coming fiscal year.  After presentations by the public to the Council, at early budget work sessions on the campus of the Adventist hospital and in many Council meetings, every member of the City Council has spoken up in past support of providing the funding and direction needed to establish a dog park in Takoma Park this year.  I urge you to support a budget amendment for additional dog park funding to support construction costs.

I'm writing to urge you to support Council Member Male's additional funding request.  We need to get this dog park opened in the coming fiscal year, and that will only happen with approval of Council Member Male's additional funding.

Thank you for your support of this important community resource!

[insert your name here]

You can send a mass-emal to all the Council by clicking here.  You can also send personalized emails to each council member by clicking the email addresses, below:

Joe Edgell

P.S.  Please consider forwarding this request to a friend. We need lots of emails sent to Council!