Additional $20,000 Allocated for Dog Park Construction

Tonight the Takoma Park City Council added $20,000 to the dog park budget through its "budget reconciliation" process. This is a huge victory for dog park supporters and makes it far more likely that we'll get a dog park built soon.

During the budget reconciliation process, the City Council votes on changes to the City Manager's proposed budget. For the dog park, the City Manager originally proposed $50,000 for preliminary design and preparation work for the fiscal year 2015 budget, which begins on July 1, 2014. The proposal was not sufficient for construction.

During tonight's reconciliation process, Ward 2 Council Member Tim Male proposed an additional $20,000 budget allocation, which would allow construction of the dog park phase 1, and opening the park to dogs in 2015.  The City Manager surprisingly spoke in support of the additional allocation and even expressed that the additional funding might facilitate dog park completion earlier than his original estimates.

A hearty TakomaDogs woof! to Council Member Tim Male for his proposal and Council Members Stewart, Schultz, Grimes, and Mayor Williams for voting in favor of the proposal.