Pack the Room! Dog Park Public Hearing Monday, June 2

We need to pack the room on Monday, June 2, at 7:00 p.m., in the City Council chambers at 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park.  Opponents will be out in force at the public hearing, so we need you to show that support is overwhelming by packing the hearing room.  Bring the whole family and make it a family event.

While we hope you or your children will say a few words of dog-park support to the Council, that is not necessary.  If speaking in public makes you nervous, please don't worry.  We need you present to show strong numerical support to the Council.  Without you present, opponents will have all the say.  

If you choose to speak, please consider mentioning the following:

  1. Tell Council to build and open a Heffner Park "anchor" dog park by the end of the calendar year;
  2. Tell them why a dog park is important to you;
  3. Tell them what features you want in a dog park; or
  4. Tell Council that once the Heffner site is built and open this year, please consider opening several smaller, neighborhood dog parks so people can walk, rather than driving.

There are over 4,250 dogs in Takoma Park and only 3,845 children.  Yet there are nine or more parks for families with kids in the city and zero safe, fenced parks for families with dogs.  Takoma Park pet owners contribute at least $2,898,500 annually to the area in pet-related expenditures, that directly benefit local business owners.  Additionally, Takoma Park dog owners contribute over $71 million in property taxes each year.  Asking for a dog park in exchange for this enormous economic contribution seems like a small request.

It's time to stop debating the park and get it built!

We'll see you on Monday.

TakomaDogs Founder