City Staff Positive About Dog Park Design

TakomaDogs met this week with City staff to discuss dog park design and schedule. TakomaDogs' Chief Designer Eric Saul presented his latest design for the Heffner Park/Takoma-Piney Branch site (see drawing, right).

The site was the consensus site based upon City Council comments at the June 2 public hearing and Council discussion. The site does present several challenges, however, that must be addressed in design and construction, including unique topography.

The latest design ensures accessibility for all people, including those in wheelchairs, and has placeholders for features that may not be implemented during phase 1 of park construction.

The City will be conducting a site survey and geotechnical analysis by the end of August. Once our Chief Designer receives the electronic survey files, the drawing can be calibrated with the actual property boundaries, solid cost estimates can be obtained, and contracts can be let.

Important decisions remain to be made by the City including what portion of the park can be built using the existing budget, how the park will be phased to ensure as early of an opening as possible, and what infrastructure will be included at dog park opening.

If you have design ideas, drop them in the comment section of the website!