Reminder: Attend City Council Meeting Monday, 7:30 p.m.

The proposed dog park viewed from above, overgrown with weeds after two years of volunteer efforts to clear the site.

The dog park sits completely undeveloped after years of promises. Come express your frustration to City staff and the City Council, and remind them of your support for the dog park, on Monday, November 16 at 7:30 p.m. Public comments are taken at the beginning of the Council meeting, which is held in the Community Center auditorium/council chambers, 7500 Maple Avenue in Takoma Park.

Based upon your emails to Council using our Take Action page, the outgoing Mayor asked the City Manager on November 9 for a status update on the dog park. The City Manager said:

"To date the, um, I guess two things.  One is I've signed off on the agreement with the school district, which is, um, access to, um, help some of their stormwater issues as part of our project. Um, the, today was the deadline internal in the Park and Planning, um, Park Design Office to get all the comments to the project manager, um, from their office. We've not seen the results of that so I'll have to follow-up with her tomorrow or on Thursday."

This City Manager, while she was Deputy City Manager, worked with the prior City Manager, Brian Kenner, to choose this location specifically to avoid needing to interact with other jurisdictions to build the park. We were told that other locations required Park and Planning involvement, so the Darwin Avenue location was better. Darwin Avenue, we were told, would allow the park to be completed quickly, by the beginning of summer 2015. The constant delays, however, are always blamed on the other jurisdictions. You can view the City Manager's comments in the video at this link. (link takes a while to download) 

Your presence is important, even if you do not want to make a comment. Provided we have a large turnout, TakomaDogs will be asking for people to stand up or raise their hands to show the Council who's there to support the dog park. Also, in our experience, Council seems very enamored with comments by children, so bring your kids for this demonstration in democracy and have them comment as well.

Joe Edgell, TakomaDogs founder.

Joe Edgell, TakomaDogs founder.

Don't forget to wear your TakomaDogs "Support the Dog Park" t-shirts. If you don't have one, please email Joe Edgell. He can bring one to the meeting for you. Cost is $15 per shirt.

And if you haven't signed the dog park petition, please do so by clicking here. You also may want to email your County Council members and complain that Montgomery County Park and Planning is taking too long to approve Takoma Park's request. We're represented on the Council by Tom Hucker, Marc Elrich, Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal, and Hans Riemer.

Finally, if you cannot make the meeting on Monday, please send an email to the City Council and City Manager using our Take Action page.