Send New Email to New City Council

Click the image to take action!

Click the image to take action!

We've updated our Take Action page with a new email that focuses on the City's lengthy delay building the dog park.

We've also updated all the email addresses to reflect the new Mayor and new Ward 1 and 3 council members. The new Mayor is Kate Stewart, who was formerly the Ward 3 council member. The Ward 1 council member is Peter Kovar, replacing Seth Grimes.  The Ward 3 council member is Rizzy Qureshi, replacing Kate Stewart.

The new Take Action email requests that the City Council and City Manager put pressure on Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission to issue permits to move forward on the dog park.  Click the Take Action Button above and send some emails. 

The new City Council will be sworn in on Monday, November 16 at 7:30 p.m. We're asking all dog lovers to show up at 7:30 to show support for the dog park by making a comment or just sitting in the chairs and raising your hand as a supporter. More details at this link.