City Council Agrees to Put Dog Park to Bid

We're not there yet, but we are moving in the right direction! This past Monday City staff, led by Public Works Director Daryl Braithwaite, presented the new TakomaDogs dog park design to City Council. As we noted in a recent post, the new design is smaller and lacks separate high and low activity areas. It does, however, have the support of City staff and now the support of City Council, something the prior design lacked.

City staff presented their best estimates of cost to the City Council.  Current materials and construction come out to between $150,000 and $200,000. Ward 1 Council Member Seth Grimes questioned whether water was necessary in the park, and if it was, whether the County would pay for it. Eliminating the water line would save approximately $35,000. And while it may sound like a good idea to eliminate the water line, water for dogs is essential, particularly during the summer months when heat stroke in dogs is quite common. To tell Council Member Grimes how important water is for the dog park, please click here.

The City Council unanimously agreed to put the dog park out to bid. Now City staff must compile a bid package, publish it, receive bids from contractors, then return to Council with the proposed contract for approval.  

We unfortunately did not get a commitment from the City Manager or Public Works director on construction timing, but Ms. Braithwaite did indicate to Council that nothing prevents them from moving forward expeditiously. The prior City Manager, Brian Kenner, promised last June "to have a dog park operational in fiscal year 15," which ends June 30 this year. To tell the current City Manager, Ms. Suzanne Ludlow how important it is to get the park open this summer, please visit our Take Action page.

TakomaDogs plans to continue to urge speedy completion and get the park open this summer. Your letters and emails to City Council and City staff will help!

*article corrected to show Council meeting on Monday, instead of originally stated Tuesday.