Mayor & City Manager Commit to Opening Dog Park This Year

In our last post we expressed concern that the City Manager planned insufficient funds to build the dog park this calendar year. To address this concern, TakomaDogs testified tonight at the budget hearing to express those concerns.

Responding to our concerns, the City Manager responded, noting that she plans to take fiscal year 2015 (coming to a close at the end of June) money and add it to the amount specified for the next fiscal year (starting July 1) to get the park built this calendar year.

The Mayor confirmed the City Manager's plans by stating: "That was our understanding as well," with "our" referring to the City Council. This is good news and a huge relief that's not clearly reflected in the budget documents.

We need to keep the pressure on the City, however, to get it built. Please consider sending a letter to the City Manager and City Council using our Take Action page.