Public Hearing Tonight on City Manager Budget

The new City Manager's proposed budget will receive a public hearing tonight. She has allocated $100,000 for a dog park. While this may seem like a lot, it's at least $50,000 less than what's required to complete the dog park.

The last City Manager said the dog park would be open this summer by the end of June.  The current budget would not only fail to open the dog park this summer, it would likely result in the dog park not being open next year either. This is a huge setback from what has been promised.

Click the links below to email the City Manager and City Manager to tell them to increase the budget sufficiently to complete the park this summer. Or, even better, come to the public hearing tonight at the City Community Center Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. and testify about your frustration of the City's failure to move this along.

Suzanne Ludlow, Acting City Manager:
Mayor Bruce Williams:
Ward 1 Council Member Seth Grimes:
Ward 2 Council Member Tim Male:
Ward 3 Council Member Kate Stewart:
Ward 4 Council Member Terry Seamens:
Ward 5 Council Member Jarrett Smith:
Mail them all at once here.