City Begins Site Clearing

The City recently began site-clearing work in anticipation of beginning dog park construction. Several sick or dying trees were removed, fallen trunks carried away, stumps dug out and removed, and additional brush clearing took place, to prepare the site for regrading.

Cleared dog park land.

Cleared dog park land.

The City is currently waiting for permission from the County and the School District. The parking lot and a thin strip of unpaved ground that sits between the lot and the dog park is owned by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC). MNCPPC permission is required to create an entrance to the dog park.

Additionally, there is currently a large quantity of stormwater runoff from the tennis courts that sit above the dog park. This rain water could erode the dog park if it's not properly integrated into the design. The City plans to control this stormwater from the Montgomery County Public Schools property, but needs their permission to do so.

According the Daryl Braithwaite, Takoma Park Public Works Director:

In order to prepare all the documents required for permit submission we will need to gather additional topographic information .... Once we have the base information, we will need to develop the drawings that show the grading, entrance location and materials for pedestrians and maintenance vehicles across MNCPPC property. We anticipate it will take 2 to 3 weeks to prepare the detailed drawings and specifications for that portion of the work. MNCPPC staff indicated they would process the permit within 2 weeks, providing all the information was acceptable to them.

Suzanne Ludlow, the City Manager notes, that despite the work discussed, above, it remains the City's plan "to open a dog park in calendar year 2015."