Update from the Public Works Director

This week we asked the City for an update on dog park construction.  We specifically asked whether the dog park would be open by the end of the calendar year as recently promised. While we didn't get a direct answer to that question, we did get a general status update. Public Works Director Daryl Braithwaite follows:

Hi Joe,

We have submitted our easement agreement to the County Schools and are awaiting their response. So far the comments were positive and we expect them to sign the agreement allowing us to do the erosion control and stormwater work on their property. Nima expects to have it by the end of the month.

We have also completed the application with MNCPPC for use of the parking lot for staging and for grading adn changes to the small section of park property. Nima has checked in with Jay Childs once since applying, but we have not received much by way of response. We have been told that their process is pretty slow.

We have installed the super silt fence outside the lower area to address and erosion and provide sediment control while we are awaiting approvals.

Our indefinite quantity contractor has agreed to do the site grading construction. We will bring in a fence company for the fence install.

I will ask Nima to send you the final design, I believe that identifies locations of some benches - don’t recall if any obstacles are included. Since our budget is limited, we have not included many of those extra amenities.

I would recommend waiting until we have approvals from MNCPPC and the school system before scheduling anything. At that time, we can get a commitment from our contractor about when they can do the work and we can develop a more realistic schedule.