Delay, Delay, and More Delay

Don't expect a dog park any time soon, the City tells us

Don't expect a dog park any time soon, the City tells us

Think Star Wars and Han Solo:  "It's not my fault!"

The City's let us know there will be more delay getting started on the dog park and, well, it's not their fault they say. Here are the two messages we received from Daryl Braithwaite, the City's Public Works Director:

I have no idea on a date for construction start as we are still determining the permit requirements and going through the process with MNCPPC. If we have to add Montgomery County permits to the process it will add significant time and cost.

We received the signed Easement Agreement from MCPS, and we got back the first round of comments from MNCPPC. We now need to update the drawings and answer the various questions asked by MNCPPC staff. We anticipate having our response completed for MNCPPC in January. MNCPPC has also requested the City provide some Indemnification Agreement - we have forwarded that to the City Attorney’s office for follow up.

MNCPPC staff also advised that we will be required to get a sediment and erosion control permit from Montgomery County - we had not planned on doing that, so if we do, that may add additional requirements from Montgomery County related to [Natural Resource Inventory Forest Stand Delineation] and tree issues.

At this stage, we're extremely disappointed at the lack of forward progress on this. Both the current and prior city managers told everyone the dog park would be built with the gates open. Yet here we are in 2016 with not one shovel having been turned.

So what can we do? Keep the pressure on.  Frequently emails to your City and County Council members can let them know it's important to you. Perhaps it will be important enough for them to do something about it and put some pressure on the County parks staff.