End of Construction Week 5

The dog park layout is finally beginning to take shape. One can see the main play area, the stormwater control features, and even what appears to be one of the rock play features.

Compare end-of-week-4's panoramic shot:

To this week's panoramic shot:

While it may not appear that a huge amount of work has been done, the stormwater control features are finished and the overall footprint seems to be firmed up, including what appears to be a play feature. We expect minimal dirt moving from this point forward and work should be in prepping the surfaces for the final surfaces.

Here are the photos from this week's work. Click them to expand them.

Terraced stormwater control feature that captures runoff from the Middle School tennis courts.

The light-colored area is the basic play area for dogs. This shot from the berm at the end of the park.

This appears to be some sort of rock play feature for the dogs.


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The stormwater "outfalls."  These do not drain water from the park, but rather carry water from above the park that runs off of school property under the dog park so that it does not damage the park.