Bad News

Just when we thought we were getting a dog park, we find that it's being delayed. Late last week we heard from City Manager Suzie Ludlow about a snag they encountered.

According to the City Manager, installation of K9 Grass requires several days of above 50 degree temperatures, something that are rare in DC during the winter. Of course, this issue would not have arisen if the City had begun construction during the summer or fall as we urged, but there's not much we can do about that now.

This will likely necessitate a delay in the grand opening until sometime in the spring. Check back to for regular updates. The City Manager's full email message is below.....

Hi Joe,

We have learned that the installation of the canine grass on the sloped areas of the dog park cannot be done unless the temperatures are above 50 degrees for a couple of days. (The adhesive that connects sheets of it will not work in cold weather.) We will have the canine grass on hand in case there are a few days in January when the weather is warm enough. We will continue to proceed with other components of park development as we can in the winter. If it looks like the rest of the park can be ready for use and just the sloped areas cannot be ready, we may be able to use plastic fencing to protect the sloped area so that the smaller, level area can be used as a soft opening for the dog park before the canine grass is installed.

What this means is that we are not likely to have a grand opening in January. Worst case scenario is that a grand opening won’t be able to take place until March. If we are able to install the canine grass during the winter, we will schedule a grand opening about three weeks after installation.

This information will be added to the Project Page on the website.


Suzanne Ludlow | City Manager
City of Takoma Park
7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
office 301.891.7229