Dog Park Receives All Necessary County Permits

Good news dog park supporters!

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image courtesy

When former City Manager Brian Kenner chose the dog park location from our list of suggested locations, he chose because the site would require no county approvals as it was City property, even though the site itself was expensive to develop. That meant things could move along lickety-split. But more than two years later we were still waiting on........ County permits!

But tonight faithful supporters, current City Manager Suzie Ludlow announced at the City Council meeting that the City had obtained the last of the required permits, this being an access agreement to use the County-owned parking lot to access the City dog park. This means there are no more obstacles to beginning dog park construction!

She also mentioned that a pre-construction meeting is set between City staff and the City's contractor for September 20.  Further, she mentioned that the construction should take about 45 days to complete, once they break ground. What she did not mention, however, was a planned ground-breaking date. Stay tuned for the date, which we'll post as soon as we find out.

Ward 2 Council Member Tim Male echoed prior TakomaDogs sentiment that there should be a formal ground-breaking ceremony. I expect that the City will take that to heart and announce something soon. We hope to participate in the ceremony and encourage you to attend.

With any luck, we might even see a dog park by the end of 2016.