City Sprints Toward Completion

Compare this picture:

Shot February 6, 2017.

To this picture:

Shot February 20, 2017.

These were taken about two weeks apart. As you can see, the City's contractor has now installed the crushed stone play surface and about two-thirds of the artificial turf for the hillside. If progress continues at this pace, we would expect completion by the end of March.

The City apparently did not install K9 grass as originally discussed, but instead has installed some other brand. From talking with the contractor, we are led to believe that it might be Pup Grass, but we're not certain. We've asked the City for more information so that we can ensure it's free of heavy metals and safe for dogs to play on.

Also, the crushed stone surface has far more dust than hoped, so it might be a bit dusty for dogs to play on. We know that it is possible to get a crushed stone surface that's low dust, but that material costs more. It's our thought that in order to save money, the City did not specify a low-dust content crushed stone.

The City spent a bunch of extra money on this dog park addressing stormwater runoff from the school, as well as regrading the slope. The other locations TakomaDogs specified would have been substantially cheaper to develop. The City believed, however, that this location would be quicker to develop since it was entirely City ownership. That proved to be an incorrect assumption. Despite this error, we are nonetheless happy to see this proceeding forward.

We've asked City staff to pin down a new grand opening date. We will post that here when we have it. In the meantime, please check out the Construction Photo Gallery with the latest photos of the work.