Elimination of the Low Activity/Small Dog Area

Image courtesy  sheknows.com .

Image courtesy sheknows.com.

TakomaDogs Chief Designer, architect Eric Saul, originally designed the dog park with a low activity/small dog area. The area was to be used by older larger dogs who didn't really want to rough house, and small dogs that were not comfortable playing with the big dogs.

Unfortunately the TakomaDogs proposal for a second area did not survive city review. As we noted back in February of 2015, then City Manager Brian Kenner asked us to remove the low activity/small dog area from our design so the city could save money. We complied because we didn't have a choice. The city was not going to build a dog park with two areas.

We believe our original design with two areas would have been cheaper to build than what the city ultimately built, as the city included in its design a bunch of heavily engineered, buried stormwater structures. Our design avoided this but included enough space for two areas.

Despite the lack of the low-activity/small dog area, we think the dog park is a great design for the space that was chosen.

If you would like to see more low-cost community dog parks that you can use with your small dog and that you can walk to, please visit our Take Action page and send an email to the City Manager and City Council urging them to build the smaller community parks.

And see you Sunday at the dog park grand opening, April 2 at 1:30 p.m.